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Make Your Beloit College fake diploma A Reality. Beloit College is a private liberal arts college in Beloit, Wisconsin. Founded in 1846, Beloit is the oldest continuously operated college in Wisconsin, and was founded while the state of Wisconsin was still a territory. Beloit College fake diploma. It is a member of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest and has an enrollment of roughly 1,300 undergraduate students. It is more selective, with an acceptance rate of 54 percent. Beloit College fake diploma. Beloit College was founded by the group Friends for Education, which was started by seven pioneers from New England who, soon after their arrival in the Wisconsin Territory, agreed that a college needed to be established. The group raised funds for a college in their new town and convinced the territorial legislature to enact the charter for Beloit College on February 2, 1846.

The first president of Beloit was a Yale University graduate, Aaron Lucius Chapin, who served as president from December 1849 until 1886. The college become coeducational in fall 1895, when it opened its doors to women. Beloit College fake diploma. Although independent today, Beloit College was historically, though unofficially, Beloit College fake diploma, associated with the Congregationalist tradition. The college remained very small for almost its entire first century with enrollment topping 1,000 students only with the influx of World War II veterans in 1945–1946. The “Beloit Plan” was a year-round curriculum introduced in 1964 that comprised three full terms and a “field term” of off-campus study. The trustees decided to return to the two-semester program in 1978.