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How to Get Benedict College fake degree in A week? Benedict College is a four-year historically black, liberal arts college located in Columbia, South Carolina. Founded in 1870 by northern Baptists, it was originally a teachers’ college. Benedict College fake degree. It has since expanded into a full four-year college offering a variety of majors in the liberal arts field. Benedict College was founded in 1870 on a 110-acre (45 ha) plantation in Columbia, South Carolina. Benedict College fake degree. Under the auspices of the American Baptist Home Mission Society, Mrs. Bathsheba A. Benedict of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, provided the amount of $13,000.00 to purchase the land to open Benedict Institute on December 12, 1870. This new school was established for the recently emancipated people of African descent.

Benedict’s first class consisted of ten freedmen and one teacher, the Reverend Timothy L. Dodge, D.D. He was a college-trained preacher from the North, who became president of the Institute. Benedict Institute set out from humble beginnings in a dilapidated former slaveholder’s mansion to prepare men and women to be “powers for good in society”. The dilapidated mansion, built in 1839, served as the first schoolhouse, Benedict College fake degree, where grammar school subjects, along with Bible and theology, were taught. Eventually other subjects were added to the curriculum to address the original objective of the school: to train teachers and preachers. Benedict College fake degree. On November 2, 1894, the institution was chartered as a liberal arts college by the South Carolina Legislature and the name Benedict Institute was changed to Benedict College.