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How To Gain USNY fake diploma? The University of the State of New York (USNY, /ˈjuːzniː/) is the state of New York’s governmental umbrella organization for both public and private institutions in New York State. The “university” is not an educational institution: it is, in fact, a licensing and accreditation body that sets standards for schools operating in New York State, from pre-kindergarten through professional and graduate school, USNY fake diploma, as well as for the practice of a wide variety of professions. The group of people who make decisions about and for USNY is known as the New York State Board of Regents. Early in the 19th century, USNY fake diploma, the Regents established standards for incorporating private academies and colleges, including specifying the texts or subjects that academies must teach to qualify for state aid. Aid was restricted to those students who had passed local entrance examinations.

The Board of Regents of the USNY was established by statute on May 1, 1784, to provide oversight to King’s College – today known as Columbia University – a private institution, and other colleges and academies incorporated in the state thereafter. On April 13, 1787, USNY fake diploma, the legislature enacted a law that allowed individual educational institutions to have their own trustees and gave the Regents broader responsibilities for overseeing education in New York. USNY fake diploma. The new law empowered the Regents to “visit and inspect all the colleges, academies, and schools” in the state, award higher academic degrees, hold and distribute funds, and exercise other powers of a corporation.