How to Get A St. Tikhon’s fake diploma in One Week

St. Tikhon's fake diploma St. Tikhon's fake diploma How to Get A St. Tikhon’s fake diploma in One Week Saint Tikhons Orthodox Theological Seminary

How to Get A St. Tikhon’s fake diploma in One Week? Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary is an Orthodox Christian seminary located in South Canaan Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania. St. Tikhon’s fake diploma. It is one of three seminaries operated by the Orthodox Church in America, the others being St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Crestwood, Yonkers, New York, and St. Herman’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Kodiak, Alaska. St. Tikhon’s was founded in 1938 as a Pastoral School by resolution of the 6th All-American Sobor of the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church in North America (North American Metropolia). St. Tikhon’s fake diploma. The Seminary was officially transformed from a Pastoral School into a Seminary by the Holy Synod of the Metropolia in 1942.

In 1967, the Seminary was chartered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A formal transfer agreement with Marywood College (now Marywood University), in nearby Scranton, was articulated and signed in 1975. In 1988, the Seminary was authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to award the Master of Divinity (M. Div.) degree to its graduates. The first M. Div. degrees were conferred on the graduating class of 1989. In June 2004, St. Tikhon’s fake diploma, the Seminary was granted accreditation by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada. St. Tikhon’s fake diploma. The Greek Ministry of Education (GME) also affirmed that the Master of Divinity degree conferred by STS is equivalent to the first degree in Theology conferred by the Faculties of Theology in the Universities of Athens and Thessalonica, and therefore renders the holder eligible to pursue the graduate studies programs or the doctoral programs (Th.D.) in those universities.